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In the coming months we will be releasing a series of Canadian Immigration Do-It-Yourself Courses. When they are released, this will be your chance to earn some additional revenue through our affiliate commission program by promoting the Canadian Immigration Podcast and the various products that will be offered!

These do-it-yourself courses will help individuals navigate the complex Canadian Immigration application process. It is our hope that these courses will become a wonderful cost effective source of quality information for those wishing to file their own immigration applications, but just need a little guidance to help them along their way.

When these DIY guides are released, you will be able to earn great commissions by promoting the Canadian Immigration Podcast and its products. The affiliate signup is free and you will be able to start earning money, very soon, by helping us promote our valuable products and by spreading the word about what we have to offer.

Join our Affiliate Program

  • Earn a 30% commission per sale made with
  • 30-day cookie setting. serves as an affiliate marketing network for us! Simply create an account on Gumroad and then send us an email and quickly tell us how you plan on promoting us. We will than set things up on our end.

Disclaimer: Our affiliate program is not associated with the law firm of Holthe Tilleman LLP in any way. It is solely designed to support the marketing initiatives of the Canadian Immigration Podcast and the various online courses and guides associated with it. Holthe Tilleman LLP does not participate in the payment of finders fees for the referral of clients to the firm. The payment of such contravenes the Law Society of Alberta’s Code of Professional Conduct.

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