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Are you an Alberta based foreign worker frustrated with how high the CRS has climbed for Express Entry? Are you beginning to think you will never get an ITA? If this is you, the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program’s new Alberta Opportunity Stream may just be the solution for you. 

In this Episode I am flying solo to waste no time in demystifying the recent changes to the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. I love to share information about immigration that affects my dear Province of Alberta. Finally, I have something to share that is actually a pretty big deal.

The Alberta Opportunity Stream was previously announced back in 2017 with a proposed launch date of January 2018. However, there was a fairly huge push back when stakeholders realized that anyone on an open work permit was going to be left in the dust when it came to getting nominations from the Province of Alberta. Credit to Brad Trefan and the other powers that be in Edmonton – they suspended the launch of the Alberta Opportunity Stream to listen to stakeholders and make sure they got it right. The local chapter of the Canadian Bar Association was one of many stakeholders who offered their thoughts on the proposed changes.

I think Brad and the gang actually did a pretty good job at getting the balance just about right!

On June 14, 2018 the Alberta Opportunity Stream was officially launched. In this Episode of the Canadian Immigration Podcast, I share my thoughts on the changes and highlight what this new Selection Criteria is all about.


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