Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program – What does the Crystal Ball Predict for 2016?

I went to the source - Brad Trefan, Managing Director of the AINP

Don’t listen to this Podcast before you read the blog I released yesterday, April 13, 2016 entitled: Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program – How did we get here? What every Temporary Foreign Worker must know before applying? This blog will give you essential background information to prepare you for the insights I’m going to share regarding the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program.


This past month, I had the opportunity to attend a lunch presentation Brad Trefan gave to our Canadian Bar Association’s local immigration section in Calgary.  I’ll share my Top 10 (rather 9) AINP Highlights from his presentation and share my thoughts on what this means for anyone seeking to apply for PR status in Canada through the AINP.

Top 9 AINP Highlights for 2016 thanks to Brad Trefan, Managing Director:

1.    Current Inventories

2.   Top 10 occupations applying to the AINP

4.   [yes….I missed #3] Why are the AINP refusal rates so high?

5.   What if you lose your job after receiving the nomination?

6.   Certificate wastage – why is it so dang high?

7.   IRCC challenging the AINP nomination.

8.  Standardization of the AINP program.

9.   AINP Participation in Express Entry

10.  Expect the AINP to close again in 2016


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