Canadian Immigration Podcast

Season 1 – Episode 1

Well after a considerable delay, I am now re-launching my new and improved Canadian Immigration Podcast. It is likely that I will continue to maintain my second Canadian Immigration “Answers” podcast for a little while longer; but will eventually merge that one with this Podcast.

In conjunction with this Podcast and to better establish a Platform that I can build on, I have also released a brand new interactive website to host all of the content I will be producing through the Canadian Immigration Podcast, and consistent blogs designed to share my knowledge about Canadian immigration with you.

Now before I get into more details regarding my Canadian Immigration Podcast and what I hope to accomplish with it, I felt it was pretty important that I share a little bit of information about me first.

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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Who I really am!
  • Why I created the Canadian Immigration Podcast.
  • Why I am in the process of releasing  a series of Canadian Immigration DIY guides.
  • Explain how I intend to use this site to offer a ton of free practical resources related to the Canadian immigration process.

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Question for our Next Podcast

What are the most important steps a person needs to take before they even think about submitting their profile into the Express Entry pool?
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