Canadian Permanent Residents – Beware the New eTA!

If you think the new eTA rules won't affect you...think again!

If you come from a visa exempt country, need to travel abroad in the near future, and your Canadian PR Card is expiring soon, you are in deep trouble. However, you are in luck…this Podcast can help.

In this episode of the Canadian Immigration Podcast, I provide some great insight on how Canadian permanent resident’s from visa exempt countries will be negatively affected by the Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) process that will become law on March 15, 2016.

As a Canadian permanent resident, you may think it does not affect you. However, if you come from a visa exempt country and are accustomed to simply travelling on your passport as you always have when your PR Card expires, you are facing a very unpleasant reality – you will no longer be able to do so!

If you are planning to travel in the next 6 months and your PR Card will expire in this time, the airlines will not allow you to board without a valid PR Card, or an eTA. As a PR of Canada, you can’t get an eTA.

In this episode, I’m going to give you some strategies to deal with this potentially disastrous situation.

The general topics discussed include:

  • Why I have not released a Podcast in 2 months – and how I have figured out a way to ensure this doesn’t happen again.
  • Job Opportunities within Holthe Tilleman LLP – If you are an immigration lawyer or certified immigration consultant looking for a more flexible and balanced professional opportunity, I share the opportunity that exists with our team.
  • Canadian Immigration DIY Guide Dilemma – Should I or shouldn’t I actually create these?
  • What is New with Citizenship and Immigration Canada – Name changes and the ugly Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) world.
  • Answers to Listener Questions– What to do when you need to travel before your PR Card is ready. How to deal with an uncooperative immigration representative.


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