Express Entry: Can I apply without an LMIA?

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Comment left on Holthe Tilleman LLP’s Facebook Page:

Likelihood of success when submitting a profile to EE without an LMIA.

Hello, I’ve been following your post and I find it really helpful. Thanks for the answers to our questions and for what is happening right now with regards to Temporary Foreign Workers.

I only have one question.  My work permit will expire in June 2015, so technically I have 6 months remaining after the Express Entry program opens in January of 2015. Is there any chance that I can apply without an LMIA cause I don’t think the company that I’m with right now will be willing to apply for an LMIA to support me. I’m a retail store supervisor and have almost 3 years managerial experience back home and a graduate of a 4 year course. I would appreciate it if you’ll enlighten me with the possibilities that I may have when this new program kicks off. Thanks!

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