Express Entry: Job Offers and CRS Process

Getting a job offer through the Job Bank and how to increase CRS points!

Question [Holthe Tilleman LLP website]:

Thank you for posting such useful information on your website. I wanted to ask whether the jobs advertised on the Job Bank were those that already have a valid LMIA, or whether an LMIA must be sought for once a potential job offer is extended by an employer.

I have received a CRS score of 393 after submitting my profile into the Express Entry pool. Given the fact the lowest CRS score awarded so far is only 451, can you offer some tips on how to increase my score so that I can get drawn?

Listen to Mark Holthe’s Answer

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • how the Job Bank works with Express Entry
  • how employers connect with potential candidates on the Job Bank
  • tips for increasing your Comprehensive Ranking System score
  • a case study of who has qualified to receive an ITA so far
  • what you need to get drawn without a job offer

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One thought on “Express Entry: Job Offers and CRS Process

  1. Greetings!!!

    Just want to ask if i am qualified for express entry job offer.
    Currently, i am working here in Saudi Arabia. I have more than 10 years of experience for engineering/construction.

    Thanks & regards,

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