PNP Series: Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Key insights into how to improve your chances of approval with Alastair Clarke

This is the first in a series of episodes focused on the Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs. If you are considering immigrating to the Province of Manitoba, this episode will give you essential tips and strategies on how to improve your chances of securing a Provincial Nomination from the MPNP.


In this episode of the Canadian Immigration Podcast, I spoke with Alastair Clarke who is an Immigration lawyer practicing in the Province of Manitoba located in the heart of Canada. While we touch on Alastair’s extensive experience, which encompasses all areas of immigration and refugee law, our main topic of discussion focuses on the Manitoba Provincial alNominee Program (MPNP). The Program is great for individuals who have connections to Manitoba, including family members, work experience, or study experience in the Province. However, without a solid connection, you will likely not have a viable shot at receiving a nomination.

Along with providing extensive insights into how the program works, Alastair touched on how it can be used to transition foreign workers (both low and high skill) into PR status in Canada. Alastair also shared his knowledge on the options available to those who may have a weaker connections to the Province.

During my interview with Alastair, we discuss the following areas:

  • The Manitoba PNP
  • Options for foreign nationals to immigrate with few connections
  • How can the PNP be used to transition foreign workers
  • Options for low-skill workers
  • Where the MB PNP is headed in the future
  • Practical tips for submitting applications to the MB PNP.


Row of Granaries in Manitoba Canada Prairie

Row of Granaries in Manitoba Canada Prairie

Time Stamped Quick Reference Guide

In order to help you jump to the areas of most interest to you, I have included below some time stamps for some of the significant topics covered in this episode.

3:57 – Who is Alastair Clarke?

11:28 – How he got into immigration.

16:30 – Overview of the Manitoba PNP.

18:37 – Are there any options available for foreign nationals to immigrate directly to MB without having first worked in the Province?

21:30 – How can the PNP be used to transition foreign workers to PR status in Canada?

26:52 – Are there any options for low-skill workers or is the program just restricted to skilled workers?

28:20 – Where do you see the MB PNP headed for the future? Any upcoming changes or things the listeners should be aware of?

39:06 – Top 3 practical tips for submitting applications OR Top 3 most common errors people make when submitting their applications to the MB PNP.

44:38 – How to contact Alastair Clarke.

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