Express Entry – How to Score High on the IELTS Exam

Learn some key strategies from a past IELTS instructor Kris Enders

Are you a foreign national dreaming of immigrating to Canada through Express Entry, but struggling to score high enough on the IELTS exam to qualify.  If you are… you are not alone! Over 1/3 of the comments on my Express Entry Law facebook group (now over 80,000 strong) relate in some way to that darn english test.

In this episode, former IELTS examiner and now English language instructor, Kris Enders joins me to pull the curtain back on the IELTS exam and share some essential tips on how to not only improve your current score, but rock the exam!

Although this topic departs slightly with the traditional immigration law theme on my Podcast, when over 1/3 of the comments on your Canadian immigration social media platform are focused on the IELTS exam, it’s time to shed some light on this nasty little beast that torments so many people.

I was introduced to Kris Enders, former IELTS examiner and now founder of the Canadian Mosaic English School when he found his way onto my Express Entry Law Facebook Group a few months back. Within a very short period of time, I knew that he was someone I could endorse. As a former high school teacher myself, his methods and strategies for mastering the IELTS exam were exactly in line with my approach to teaching.

After spending some time with Kris, I knew instantly that I need to get him on the Podcast so that he could share his knowledge and experience with not only all of you listeners to my Podcast, but many of your clients who are actively trying to obtain that elusive Invitation to Apply (ITA) through Express Entry. I know that anyone who takes the time to listen to this Podcast is going to realize why Kris is the “go-to” guy for improving English language abilities.

In this Episode we covered the following specific topics:

  1. How student perception of the exam affect their success.
  2. Why IELTS prep books really don’t help in scoring above a CLB7.
  3. Why learning more vocabulary is not going to translate into the highest IELTS scores.
  4. The greatest mistake people make when trying to improve their reading scores.
  5. Understanding why scoring high on listening is really 50% reading skills.

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