Pathways for Caregivers in Canada – Everything you wanted to know

Understanding the new Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker Pilots with Matt Aronson

Whether you are a seasoned immigration practitioner or new to the caregiver world, a caregiver yourself looking to immigrate to Canada or someone currently working in Canada as a caregiver and wanting to become a permanent resident, this episode is for you. Quebec based immigration lawyer, Matthew Aronson joined me in this amazing episode filled with do’s and dont’s, tips and strategies and a virtual walkthrough of the new Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker Pilot programs. I think this episode ranks up there as one of the top “hands-on” episodes I have ever produced with an immigration lawyer to date.

Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada has once again revamped the caregiver programs in this country. Whether or not the new Home Child Care Provider and Home Support Worker Pilot programs will succeed in accomplishing what they were designed to do, or doomed to fail, will play out in the coming years. Regardless, if you are considering accessing one of these programs, this episode is an absolute must.

Immigration lawyer Matt Aronson spent some time with me deconstructing the new pilot programs and offering a ton of extremely helpful information to help you navigate the complexities of not only the new pilots, but what to do with the existing caregiver currently working in Canada.

A graduate of McGill Law, Me. Matthew E. Aronson is a member of both the Barreau du Quebec and of the Law Society of Ontario.

Me. Aronson practices immigration, corporate commercial and real estate law. In immigration, he does all types of visitor, study and work permits, as well as Permanent Residency applications for Skilled Workers and for spouses of Canadians. He has developed a particular specialty in obtaining work permits and permanent residency for in-home caregivers.

He began his career at one of Canada’s premier corporate commercial law firms and has since gained experience in a boutique litigation firm and a well-known immigration firm before moving in-house at an international private equity firm as an Asset Manager and Advisor on Real Estate matters for several years. He returned to private practice in 2015, and jointed Adessky Attorneys as the head of its immigration practice. Since that time, he has advised both employers and workers in matters pertaining to work permits and PR cases.

When not practicing law, Me. Aronson is active in his community as a volunteer, serving on the Board of Notre-Dame-des-Arts, an arts-oriented local charity, as well as being VP Legal for his own family business, MKRLAB Community Workshop.

In this episode we covered the following areas:

  1. Who are caregivers? What do you need to qualify?
  2. New Caregiver pilot programs – what has changed, how the pilot programs can benefit workers, as well as some common pitfalls to avoid
  3. The ‘Quebec Acceptation’ – how caregivers can work in Quebec, and what it means for PR.
  4. Legacy programs – how to continue accessing the old (and new) PR pathways if you’re already a Caregiver in Canada.
  5. Tips and tricks to streamline an application and avoid common errors and delays.


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