Is the IELTS really better than the CELPIP Test?

Why you really need to know the difference with Language Instructor Garret Lim

Are you frustrated with your language scores? Have you considered writing both language tests? If you want to improve your scores, you have to listen to this episode with professional language instructor Garret Lim. He shares the real goods on what makes the IELTS different than the CELPIP. You can decide which one is better. […]

Top 5 Things to Prepare Before Submitting Your Express Entry Profile

Season 1 – Episode 2

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 2 of the Canadian Immigration Podcast. In this episode I will be discussing the Top 5 things you need to do to prepare yourself before even thinking about submitting your Express Entry profile. Opening Tip: Do not take an English Test first as indicated on the CIC Website!