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Mark Holthe, Canadian Immigration Lawyer

Holthe-Profile-PicWhy I started the Canadian Immigration Podcast

The Internet is full of people offering information and asking you to pay them for it. It becomes increasingly difficult to know who you can trust and what actually carries value. The world of Canadian immigration is no different. It is virtually impossible for an individual to discern which representative is truly best suited to help them.

How can someone really know if the person they are choosing to hire knows what they are doing, or is simply a smooth talking imposter. You may try to rely on referrals from friends that have had a positive experience utilizing a certain representative. However, if you don’t have any direct referrals, you can also try to see if they have published any articles or written papers or blogs on immigration or presented at immigration conferences. One important fact may be whether or not they are recognized as a leader within their own profession and the extent to which they are asked to speak at their own industry conferences teaching their own peers, whether lawyer or consultant.

I think you understand what I am getting at. The internet is full of immigration consultants and lawyers with flashy websites and fancy information videos. So after giving it some thought, I realized that the only way people will be able to know whether or not I know what I am talking about is to freely share useful information as often as I possibly can. It is for this reason that I created the Canadian Immigration Podcast.

In this weekly podcast, I offer practical advice on the latest changes to Canadian law, policy and practice. I often invite amazing guests, who are leaders in their field of immigration, to share insight and strategy on navigating the complex world of Canadian Immigration. It is extremely rewarding to showcase some of the top immigration minds in the country and watch as they demystify this complex area of law.

This Podcast is designed to create a platform where people can come to be educated about Canadian immigration in a place they can trust. Subscribe to the Podcast and enjoy the very best knowledge and insight on Canadian Immigration as it is shared freely and openly to the benefit of not only immigration lawyers, consultants, and HR managers, but anyone with a keen interest in understanding the crazy world of Canadian Immigration.

Who I really am!

Holthe Tilleman_0176 WEB Mark FBOne promise I made to myself is that I wanted my clients, the listeners to my podcast to know who I really am. There is nothing more irritating to me than these nameless, faceless, websites offering Canadian immigration services without disclosing who will actually be preparing the applications. It is pretty hard to build a relationship of trust with a company. People build relationships of trust and confidence with people. In our world of hyper privacy, it has become almost a sin to share anything personal about yourself on a “professional website.. Well, I do not subscribe to this philosophy. As such, I have shared below a little bit about myself. Possibly a little bit more than my wife would want me to share; however, that’s just how I’m wired.

I’m a farm boy. I grew up riding horses, chasing cows, and moving irrigation pipe across our alfalfa fields in beautiful southern Alberta. I had three brothers and no sisters. We were the wild Holthe Boys to all who knew us. We lived a completely carefree life swimming and fishing in the river that flowed by our house and basically doing what farm boys do. I loved playing sports as a kid. In fact, I wanted to be a high school Physical Education teacher more than anything because of my love for sports. I played just about every sport I could. The only time I had to choose was when the seasons conflicted. I loved Track and Field and Volleyball the most.

I played collegiate volleyball on the Men’s team at the College in Lethbridge, Alberta in 1991 and then again in 1994-1996, when I served as Captain of the team in my final year.

I had the privilege of competing in the 1992 Canadian Olympic Trials for High Jump in Montreal just prior to the Barcelona, Spain Olympic games. I was completely out of my league at those trials; however, Athletics Canada gave me a B Carding as a result of my performances the previous year (I jumped 2.05m which was the Olympic Standard that year). That carding paid for my flight and gave that farm boy his first taste of flight and travelling outside of our little community. Coming from an entirely English speaking rural farming community, Montreal was like being in a different country. It was one of the most prized experiences from my youth.

That summer following the Olympic Trials, I made one of the best decisions of my life. I decided to serve a full time mission for my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). On October 14, 1992 I left my home and had the amazing experience of serving in Portugal for two years. Much of who I am today is as a result of that wonderful experience. I grew to really love the people and in return they gave me a wonderful second language that has helped me to appreciate the challenges people experience as they attempt to learn English as a second language when immigrating to Canada.

Following my mission I returned home where I married my beautiful wife Dianna. We have four children, two girls and two boys. Making a better life for them was one of the main reasons I decided to become a lawyer. However, law was not my first career. I spent my undergraduate degree preparing to be a high school physical education teacher. I worked for one year before deciding to completely shift gears and go to law school. Its amazing how the responsibility of providing for a family can change a person’s focus in life.

After having completed the first year of law school and having worked during the summer on the Canada/US border as an immigration officer, I made the decision to focus my law practice  to Canadian immigration. I did this because it gave me an opportunity to work with people in a way that made a real difference in their lives. There is no greater feeling than that.

I am now the founder of my very own Canadian Immigration Law firm, Holthe Immigration Law. It was over 15 years in the making; however, I think I have finally stumbled upon the perfect structure to allow me to practice in the way I have always known was best. If you would like to hire me or another one of our amazing immigration lawyers to work with you in a collaborative fashion to resolve your various immigration needs, click here to GET STARTED.

I am excited to utilize my teaching background and experience as an immigration officer to enhance what I now do as an immigration lawyer through my speaking engagements, podcasts, and blogs. I count myself blessed every day for the opportunities I have been given.

If you want to learn more about me and how my immigration team can help you,  please click here.

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    • Shane,

      This is a great question. Without a job description, it is not possible to determine your proper position with the NOC 2011. Use a title alone will not be sufficient. I am in the process of drafting a blog today that will address the obtaining of reference letters for Express Entry and the process one needs to go through in order to determine which NOC 2011 profile best fits with the actual skilled work experience gained by foreign nationals just like you. If you can send me your job description right away I will use it as an example within the blog.

    • The HR Handbook is a completely free resource. You need only download it from my website. Please let me know if it is helpful. If not, I’d love to receive feedback on how it can be improve.

  1. hi sir have a good day!i just wanted to know regarding my working permit now is cleaning supervisor but one thing i let them know is if i’m still able to apply as permanent residence right know because my employer is terminating me for some reason…,my work permit is until april 2017…,thank you…

  2. Good day sir,i would like to know what is the best option for my wife working in a greenhouse in Alberta to become permanent resident in Canada.She is working for almost 2 years now.I been also work there for 4 years but unfortunately i go back here in the Philippine due to 4 years policy by the government.Thank you.

  3. Hi Sir,

    I have 2.5 yrs canada work experience as Food Counter Attendant. Then, recently i just promoted as Food Service Supervisor with Approved LMIA. I have 5 yrs work experience in my home country as Purchasing Analyst in an automotive company. Am I entitled to apply Express Entry? Thanks in advance for your response.

  4. Hi dear Mark,

    i want to immigrate to Canada as a Skilled Worker and also have a job offer from a Canadian employer who has just applied for a LMIA which is only for supporting my permanent residence so it is not a dual intent application (I mean it is not for a work permit)
    so based on this info I was wondering that how long will it take for my LMIA application to be processed?

    that would be very kind of you to give me an answer in my email.

    thanks and regards
    Siavash Forootanfar

    • Slavash,

      My apologies for any delays in responding to your inquiry. LMIA processing times vary depending upon the region in which you are working. We have seen that current processing times out west are over 2 months in many cases. Ontario tends to be slightly less and the Maritimes even a little quicker than that. it is quite frustrating for sure because the government originally suggested that these PLMIAs would be processed within 10 days. Times sure have changed. That’s for sure.

  5. Hello,

    I am a PhD international student and want to apply for a permanent residence…would you kindly advise what are your charges for application consultation?

    Best Regards

    Muhammad Irfan

    • Muhammad,

      I am in the process of releasing a new Express Entry Guide that is directed to people who want to manage their own permanent resident process. In the coming weeks, I will be inviting a select group of individuals to participate in a pilot project to beta test the new Express Entry guide. I recommend that you join my mailing list and watch your e-mail for the invitation to join this group. I am still determining the cost; however, it will be a fraction of what people would normally pay to engage our firm to handle their PR application directly. Over the past year, I have been quite frustrated with my inability to help people because my legal fees tend to be out of reach of most individual applicants. I spend a lot of time providing immigration legal services to to large multinational companies all over the world. They are prepared to pay these fees because of the nature of the strategic advice I give them.

      However, when it comes to the average person, they often end up hiring a representative, more because of the lower price point, and less because of their expertise. I have had to deal with many people coming to my office for assistance when it was too late and there was nothing that I could do to help them. Because of this, I feel that the creation of these DIY Guides, people will be able to access all of the information they need to help them file their Express Entry application quickly knowing the information is coming from a trusted source.

      I also recognize that many people also want the ability to ask questions and receive subtle direction from time to time when unique or unusual circumstances arise that are not covered off in a comprehensive DIY Guide. As such, this initial Express Entry Pilot will also be beta testing an idea that I came up with recently that will allow me to work directly with many people at the same time within a course environment where I teach them and guide them through every step of the way until they achieve their goal of becoming a permanent resident. Everyone who accepts the invitation to participate in this Express Entry Pilot will have far greater access to me through e-mail, and periodical phone consultations as we work together in getting the EE profile profile properly submitted and the necessary steps taken to have essential documentation ready long before the ITA comes through.

      In the second phase of the pilot, those with ITAs will be able to participate and collaborate with me in creating the PR submission course which is designed to see them through to securing permanent resident status in Canada. I will be using the information I learn from each of these pilot courses to create the comprehensive product that will form the anchor for many other DIY guides and courses in the future.

      I can’t tell you how excited I am about this new opportunity and the ability it will give me to help so many more people than I could ever do practicing immigration law within a traditional law firm structure. Clients will have direct access to me to ask questions, receive direction and the freedom and flexibility to progress with their application as quickly or slowly as they wish to take it. The creation of the DIY Guide will result in a solid foundation upon which all future services will be provided.

      So, make sure to subscribe to my mailing list as I intend to extend this initial offer to only those individuals who have subscribed. Future courses will have wonderfully substantive material and resources, but much less direct access to me compared with what I will be offering within the Express Entry Pilot.

      Ultimately, if you would like to engage our firm to assist directly with your permanent resident application, we would be delighted to do so. Please send me an e-mail directly to mholthe@ht-llp.com and we can set up an initial paid consultation to discuss your unique circumstances and canvass all the options that may be best suited for you.

      Have a great day.


    • Maria,

      My apologies for not responding sooner. I seem to have missed your comment. You can always apply for PR; however, the question as to whether or not you will get drawn through Express Entry depends upon whether or not you have a valid Job Offer. Because you have an LMIA supported work permit, the fact that you have a work permit extension in place, you can continue to count this as a valid job offer for the purposes of Express Entry. Good luck.

  6. I’m happy to communicate with you sir and very appreciated all the things that your giving help about my status here in canada,i just wondering my celpip i wanted to start to take up my english,I really don’t know how to get started can you help me to get started or after long weekend i will call you and getting started to settled my papers if we have time…,thanks and have nice day sir…

  7. Hi Mark,

    I have already submitted SINP – express entry application file in july2015.
    But my Question is do I need to qualify for federal express entry ?
    I tried to create my federal express entry profile but it is ineligible..

    Can you guide me further ?

    Urmilkumar R Patel,
    (M) +91 9426559624

  8. Good day to you Sir,
    My name is Tintu Cyril. undergrad in business administration with 3.4 years experience as accounts & admin asst in a resort in thekkady, INDIA. i am 24 years old and married. i am in search of migrating to Canada as a permanent resident. i am in search of a job in Canada. tried a lot through so many job portals in Canada, but didn’t got any positive response. could you please let me know how to obtain a job in Canada.. your kind reply will be much appreciated.

    Tintu Cyril.

    • Tintu,

      You are correct that it is very difficult to find a job in Canada. Due to the economic downturn in Canada, there are significantly less employers seeking to hire foreign workers then there have been in previous years. Further, the Canadian government has made significant changes to the temporary foreign worker program which has resulted in it becoming more difficult to get approvals to hire foreign nationals.

      We do not provide assistance with recruitment. Our office is focused exclusively on Canadian immigration matters. I am really sorry that I am unable to help. Have you tried to submit your profile into the express entry pool?

  9. Hellow Sir Mark.I want to know about my applying to immigrant in canada.I take my exam twice but I get 5overall score for IELTS.I work here in Cyprus as A caregiver for almost 2 years.Please can you help me what to do.Thank you very much.

    • Rochan,

      I recommend that you attend my upcoming free webinar on express entry. Many of your questions will be answered in that free webinar. It will be held on November 2, 2015 at 6 PM MST.

      Please let me know if you would like to register. Have a great day.


    • I had applied for FSWP via Express Entry. My profile was granted ITA. But since long I have not received any communication from CIC. The last communication sent by CIC asked me to submit RPRF. The email said – “This is in reference toyour application for Permanent Resident Visa, which has been found eligible in the class for which it was submitted. Admissibility review ( security, criminality and/or medical ) is still ongoing ; you will be contacted if additional information is required for that purpose. Before we can approve your application, we require payment of RPRF “.

      Will my entire case be reviewed by just one Immigration officer from first stage till last stage or there would be multiple officers ?
      Could you tell me if I have passed at least the eligibility review or even that would again be reviewed by some other officer ?
      What is roughly the timeline from paying RPRF to reaching Decision Made stage ?

      • Deb,

        1. After the completeness check is done, applications are generally managed by one officer. Not all officers have clearance to perform all security related searches, so it is possible that the officer adjudicating your application could refer the security portion of the application to another officer. However, generally everything does stay with one officer.

        2. Generally speaking, (and I apologize for using this term; however, nothing with CIC is certain these days) if CIC is requesting you RPRF, then you can assume that you application has past the “completeness check” stage. What does your summary profile say within the portal?

        3. The timeline from paying RPRF to reaching a final decision is often completed in under one month. However, as I indicated above, nothing is certain these days within CIC. Others may have experienced processing times that are longer than one month.

  10. Hello Mark, please , i came to Canada in 2013 to do my post graduate diploma in human resource, a year later after graduating , CIC issued issued me 1 year post grad work permit but expired on august 2015. i wanted to continue my education to a different course with 2 years study permit as my current status ,please i want to know if i am eligible to any form of immigration program to get my resident permanent .
    Thank you

  11. Hi

    I need to know if its possible have 2 applications at the same time into my cic account. (like express entry and for a work permit)
    i already have a job offer with a positive LMIA. I take the IELTS test but my score is 5, and i dont have now an ECA report. (i only have a transcripts about my bachelors degree in gastronomy) Wich are my best option to apply? Thanks

    • Yes, there is no problem with having 2 applications at the same time in your MyCIC account. Provided your LMIA has been obtained to support a work permit and not just to support Express Entry, you should be just fine to apply for a work permit.

  12. Hi Mark – I am going through the express entry process and have received an ITA. I am having some issues completing the form on the CIC website and could use some advice. Can I hire your services – I can facilitate a screenshare session to work through these issues.

  13. i need to work permit and i have 15 year work Experience.
    Career Objective
    I am seeking Good Opportunity for Standard an full Experience Level position as in full time job at a well-structured organization in According or Industrial Department where I can serve & prove My knowledge skills and Abilities through challenge and job oriented as well.
    Candidate’s profile
    a) Quick learner Motivated and dedicated of getting the job done right. b) Eagle Eye for details. c) Able to Multitask. d) Strong communication skills .work well with other at various levels. e) A mind for business. f) Courteous and professional good sense of humor. g) Able to travel as needed.
    Skills & Endorsements
    Drag to rearrange profile sections
    •The Manufacturing.• Problem Solving• Analysis •Continuous Improvement •Materials•Root Cause Analysis• 5S•Factory•Process Engineering •Human Resources• ISO• Operations Management• Engineering• Six Sigma• Process Improvement• Production Planning• Manufacturing• Training• Leadership• Recruiting• Product Development• Quality Management
    Production Supervisor
    Najem Group & Cie ,S.A.R.L. Lahoud Highway 2622,Byakout, Lebanon
    November 2004 – October 2014 (10 years)Lahoud Highway 2622,Byakout, Lebanon
    Improved Client’s Quality of Life; proactively identified Customer needs and pursued appropriate resources to alleviate issues. Provided transportation, partnered with Production Workers, organized Industrial – related paperwork.
    Position is responsible for the overall management of the production floor and the successful manufacture/assembly of complex, high tech equipment in a fast paced, low volume project based shop environment. Accountable for managing and motivating production personnel while meeting cost, schedule and quality requirements for the business.
    The Manufacturing Production Supervisor supervises the development and implementation of activities in production area(s) to meet production goals, quality, and cost objectives. Prioritizes production schedules based on product introduction, equipment efficiency, and materials supply. Plans and administers procedures and budgets. Makes budgetary recommendations regarding and, at higher levels, controls capital expenditures and direct/indirect labor. Develops schedules and manpower requirements for assigned areas. Selects, develops, and evaluates personnel to ensure the efficient operation of the function.
    Receives predetermined work assignments that are subject to a moderate level of control and review. Directs subordinates to complete assignments using established guidelines, procedures and policies.
    Works on issues of limited scope. Follows established practices and procedures in analyzing situations or data from which answers can be readily obtained. Monitors daily operations of a unit or sub-unit. Requires full knowledge of own area of functional responsibility. Erroneous decisions or failure to achieve results may cause delays in schedules. Experience leading or participating in Kai Zen and Lean Methodology improvements Results-Oriented: the ability to take actions and implement effective solutions in a timely manner Problem Solver: Methodical and hands-on as well as detail-oriented
    Key Responsibilities
    Planning Organization & Conducting Of production project activities maintain different record for various activities supervisor factory filed based staff of the program organize different training.
    Orientation and Advocacy session for the production purposes maintain liaison with related staff and production participants con

  14. Hi!
    I submitted an application for Express entry at the CIC since it stated on the Come to Canada tool that I am eligible for Express Entry. However, after a week of submission, I received a notification saying that my application is ineligible. There are also no indicators on where I failed and in which category coz they were all blank, just that I was not eligible. I have submitted an IELTS document (7.5), but I haven’t submitted a CIC approved educational assessment. Plus I don’t have a job offer yet.How can I improve my chances?

    • Improving your language scores is probably the quickest way to score more CRS points. However, you need to have at least 1 year of skilled work experience and without a job offer, confirm you have sufficient funds to meet the LICO minimums.

  15. My brother has 4 year of skilled experience as a cook in the philippines and had a food counter attendant work permit for 4 years here in canada but was performing baker/cook duties at tim hortons. Can he still apply for express entry? Thanks

    • JP,

      Yikes, a food counter attendant is not supposed to be performing baker/cook duties unless it was specifically included within his job description and the underlying LMIA application. I presume his LMIA was issued as a food counter attendant and if that is the case, this work experience would not allow him to qualify through express entry. The whole EE assessment process can be a little complicated; however, if he has other skilled work experience he may be eligible through the Federal Skilled Worker Program within Express Entry.

  16. hi, mark, how are you,

    I read about you on top, i know about your work and sincerity, you did good job for me, thats why my family here, my kids are enjoying here, thank you very much. Have a good day to you. have a nice day , talk to you later.

    • Srinivas,

      It is great to hear from you. Thank you so much for your very kind words. I am so very happy that everything has worked out for you and your family. I wish you all the best in the future my friend.

  17. Hi my name is heena i got my student visa rejection on april 15 2016 under spp program ,knw i want to reaapl for september in take m married i have 3years old daughter….. the reason was on other reason.

  18. hi there….. i have 2 questions for you.

    1. few days ago I submitted an Express Entry profile but I was found not eligible, even though ‘Come to Canada’ tool showed me eligible. my question is, what should i write for question.. Have you applied under express entry before ?
    Should i write “YES” or”NO”
    2. My second question is, is it mandatory to have Work Experience on my Education related field for
    Express Entry/PNP ?

  19. Hi Mark,

    I have applied for visitor Visa, when i have applied first time my application refused due some points as result given by the high commission, and then i have reapplied with upgraded information as point out by the high commission. in second time the same letter comes with the refusal as earlier.

    can u guide what i have to do next.

    • Meer,

      Have you done an ATIP request? I recommend you do so if you have not. The ATIP will show you exactly why the officers are refusing your TRV.

  20. My brother’s visa application together with his 2 members of his family was rejected , the visa officer mentioned 2 grounds which attracted his decision :-
    1. Leaving Canad at the end of the visit 2. Not satisfied with availability funds to cover the trip expenses .

    For ground no. 1 , it was associated with travelling history however my brother together with his spose sn child have traveled to China, Hongkong , UAE , France , Holland ,Italy , Spain ,Germany , Luxembourg , Belgium and United Kingdom .He presented during aplication his old nd new passport with Visa and Immigration stamps

    Purpose of trip : his was invited in writing by his spouse cousin sister who is a Canadian and based there.

    Personal assets and financial status: During application he presented a personal bank statement with a closing balance of Tanzania Shilling 53 Millions equivalent to USD 24 ,000 while he planned to spend USD 9500.The bank satement showed to be having a total deposits of TZS 141.5 millions (approx USD 64,300). The applicant possess 2 houses worth USD 140,000 and proofs of ownership were presented .

    All the mentioned rejected grounds are clearly addressed with the above circumstance proved by documents available during application .


  21. Hi Mark,

    I have about 3.5 years work experience with the same company but in three different positions. After carefully analyzing NOC my job descriptions fit into two different NOC codes. Please advise if it is necessary to have all 3 years job experience under same NOC code to get the maximum points or it is fine that its under two NOC codes? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

    • Saimur,

      Unfortunately, this isn’t something I can answer here in the comments section on the website. You would need to book a paid consultation so that I can go through your job descriptions in more detail.

  22. hi sir .. my brother has applied third time for canadian student visa and he is being rejected twice.. and now he is waiting for the answer of third application .. our financial statement is also fine and everything is well but they are still refusing to accept our visa approval. plzz tell us what to do now

  23. Hi Mark, I have a query with regard to Employment Requirement under my NOC (1225) “Purchase Officer” under express entry stream. The Employment requirements are as follow:
    1. A bachelor’s degree or college diploma in business administration, commerce or economics is usually required.

    Query: Now I have a Bachelors Degree in Social Sciences from India (evaluated as equivalent to 4 years Canadian Bachelors by WES), Economics and Socilogy were my major subjects, degree title (BSc Social Sciences) does not mention it specifically but transcripts does show that economics and sociology as major subjects. The i have Masters Degree in International Business and Finance from UK which is assessed as equivalent to Canadian Masters by WES, The employment requirement conditions is ” A bachelor’s degree or college diploma in business administration, commerce or economics is usually required.”. Does my degree/degree title has to match specifically with one of those three specifications or it can be related. As Business and Finance Modules are by large similar to the modules covered in B.Com or M.com degrees.

    2. Purchasing agents and officers purchasing specialized materials or business services may require a related university degree or college diploma. For example, a bachelor’s degree or college diploma in engineering may be required for purchasers of industrial products.

    This point is clear

    3. A certificate in purchasing from the Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC) may be required.

    Query: As this is Canadian certificate course, Purchase officer working in india wont be having any such certification. Is it Mandatory requirement to qualify under this NOC for express entry.

    4.Previous experience as a purchasing clerk or as an administrative clerk may be required.

    Query: Prior to joining as a Purchase officer with an organization in 2014 , I worked in financial services sector in UK, largely dealing in Insurance Mis-selling disputes. Then as a Freelance Mortgage Consultant, Assisting Estate agents in price negotiations and mortgage applications. I have no Experience of working as a Purchasing clerk or an administrative clerk before joining as a purchase officer. Is it a mandatory Requirement ?

    5. Certification from the International Right of Way Association (IRWA) may be required.

    Query: Similar to query for Point 3.

    Main duties mentioned under this NOC matches with my current job profile.


    Prabhdeep Sandhawalia

    • Prabhdeep,

      Thanks for taking the time to provide such a detailed question. You will see that in each of your questions, the employment requirement either “may” be required or is “usually” required. This means that it is NOT a specific requirement, so you don’t need to worry about it.

      Further, the specific employment requirements are not what is important for the purpose of your application. What is important is that you are performing all of the duties in the lead statement and a substantial number of main duties listed in the 2011 NOC profile.

      Good luck!

  24. Hi Mark,
    Fantastic listen, eye opener and a beaut for learning. Thanks
    For some reason, I got an auto reply message of non delivery when I tried to contact Dani by the email provided.

    Any advice?
    Can I copy you maybe? I seek consultation asap and I reckon you’re quite capable as well. Thank you

  25. hey mark,
    i malik nouman awan from pakistan. I applied in canada more than 2 times as a student visa but unfortunately everytime i get the refusal letter and then i applied for GCMS (ATIP) files in canada embassy to tell me main reason that why i get the refusal letter from yourside ..
    Refusal reasons are under following
    1.. purpose of visit
    2.. travel histroy
    3.. family ties in canada and in your country residence..\
    Mark i am worrying about my life, my career and etc
    so plz help me to get out of this suitation
    Regards by
    malik nouman awan

  26. Hi Mark

    I have been working since 2011. till July 2014, I mainly did temporary Or short term contract work with different companies. Since sept 2014 I have been working as a permanent employee in a single company. I am only claiming points for my current job which I started in sept 2014. I don’t want to claim points for the work experience prior to sept 2014 because they were short term temporary contracts and it would be a very tough task to get experience letters from each of the company I contracted with, and also there is always a gap of 1-2 weeks or sometimes more between leaving one contract and joining another. In my express entry profile under work history section, do I need to mention all my previous work experience starting form 2011 or I can mention only my current work experience since sept 2014 as I am claiming points for this work experience only.


  27. Dear Mark,

    Your site is great but I would still require that 30 minutes session for one on one consultancy.

    Can you please let me know how do I go about it?



    • Hi Mazen. We appreciate your kind remarks. In behalf of Mr. Holthe, I have sent you the details on how to go about the 30 minutes one-on-one consultancy. You can check your email now. Thank you.

  28. Hello,

    Regarding IEC Working Holiday work permit, I would like to ask a question. If someone receives Working Holiday work permit from within Canada, do they need to leave the country and re-enter to be able to use it? Also, can we still postpone the activation of the Working Holiday permit up to 12 months from time of issue, although we are already in living Canada (legally on other permits).

    My other question is, can the employer of a Working Holiday permit holder still apply for LMIA for them?

    I would really appreciate if you answer my question as soon as possible.


  29. Hi Mark. Hope you doing great.
    I need advise from you regarding LMIA. I am telling my situation that I work as a full-time Dental Assistant which falls in NOC C, since 1 year in London, Ontario as I have PGWP. My employer us ready to help me out to get LMIA which helps me to get PR. But I wonder that am I eligible to get LMIA on based on my designation as a Dental Assistant? I heard that LMIA is for high skill worker such as NOC O,A& B, isn’t it?
    Please guid me in this topic. If I am eligible, then I wanna get LMIA through you as I will pay your consultancy fees. Also I have 2 and half years work experience as a Dentist back home India.
    I look forward to hearing you soon.

  30. I’m working in Oracle Corporation Pakistan as Project Management Office (PMO). I’m married. I have a 4 month old baby. My husband is a Bachelors in Arts ( journalism and History). I’m a Bachelors in Computer Science and then a Masters in English Literature. I’m basically looking to move to Canada with me appearing as primary applicant. I also have a dependent mother that I’m interested in taking along. I would prefer immigration with chances of a possible job placement along with it. I also have a pet dog that I want to keep with us. Please tell me what chances do I have. Thanks.

  31. Hi,
    I am a self-employed photographer/videographer based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. i have an experience of 4 years. I need to collect work experience letters from the people i have worked for, but what exactly should they mention in the letters that they will give me so i can provide my work experience to the canadian immigration? if theres any way i can be given a sample letter on how to write it so that its easier for me.

    thank you

  32. Hello Mark

    My name is Luis and im from Peru. Nowadays im wanting to apply to canadian permanent residence, i can give briefly a description of my situation, i got 16 months working in AB with cattle in a feedlot, im livestock technincian and i ve study for that in Peru; the thing is i ve already filled a CIC profile up wanting to be on to the candidates pool, i ve applyed once and they said that im inelegible to do that, the reasons:
    No language test
    No enought funds
    No relevant job

    I can fix the first point but im very concerned about the other two points, cus i have no idea what do i have to write in there and gobermente could be satisfied with this and get it on the pool, please may you help me doing this. Actually i really wanna stay here. I LIKE CANADA.


  33. Hi Mark

    My application for Lmia was approved in January 2016 ,And I applied my work permit after that ,But it was refused twice with the reason like I do not meet the job requirement of my prospective employment . And the assessment for the Lmia is expiry in 15.July . Which means I can not apply my work permit and the Lmia is useless now .Even though that is very hard to get .
    Do you know what should I do now and is it always happen that the work permit can be refused even if with one positive Lmia ?

    Thank you so much & have a nice day .