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11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Dear Sir,
    I and my wife have filed an Express Entry case in June 2015 from India and we are already in pool since then. I am the dependent spouse whereas my wife is the principle applicant. I gave my IELTS test on 21 Nov 2013 which is valid till 21 Nov 2015 i.e. next month only. Here I want to ask the following questions :-

    1. Do I need to give my IELTS test again before we get an ITA after my score card expires ?

    2. If IELTS score card is already expired at the time of ITA then will the case be rejected by CIC ?

    3. Can I present fresh IELTS score card after we get an ITA ?

    (Because CIC provides 60 days to complete all the documentation after an ITA and I can present fresh IELTS score card with in the given time period) *if this applies*

    Our Immigration Counselor said that I don’t need to
    give my exam again giving me the example of some previous successful cases of same conditions but I doubt because I constantly monitor CIC website and the FAQs. I am really worried because I don’t want to take any risk by not giving exam again & also I don’t want to waste another 20000 INR for IELTS exam & coaching unnecessarily if IELTS again is not required.

    Please guide me wisely as my current IELTS score card is going to expire soon and I am falling short of time to take another IELTS test. Hope to hear positively from you soon.

    Abhishek Chaudhary

  2. Hi mark,
    am currently on holiday in canada and will appreciate meeting with you for consultation requirements as regards migration.
    please kindly relate to me on how i can meet with you an office address or phone number.

    my regards

    • I have office hours in Calgary and Lethbridge. However, I am happy to set up a consult over the phone on Tuesday if that works for you. With Monday being Thanksgiving, our office is closed. Please let me know which you would prefer.

      I hope you’re having a wonderful time in Canada.

  3. hi mark,
    i am dr ram ashish shukla working as pediatrician in india, i am going to apply for express entry programme of canada,i have few questions before applying for express entry can you please clear my following doubts:
    1. what is the possiblity of a doctor (paediatrician )getting selected in express entry
    2.I have to give any other exam after getting PR of canada,so that i can practise in
    3. my wife is maxillo facial surgeon( dentist) in india,what is the possiblity of her getting job in canada.she also has to give any exams for practising in canada.
    4. how much average salary does a pediatrician get in canada.
    waiting for your response eagerly
    thanking you
    dr ram ashish shukla
    e mail

  4. Dear Sir,

    I need immigration advice on below important matter to apply for PR under EE soon as I am waiting for IELTS result.

    I want to ask that, being INDIAN , I studied in UK and finished my MASTERS i.e.MBA. But during my second degree i.e. MSC IT in UK . I came back to India for holiday after exams and while returning to UK to pursue my degree , immigration stopped me at UK airport (Gatwick) and accused that I used fake english documents for student visa and they gave no chance to prove my self and send me back on next flight .

    But I filed case in UK court against them , as they accused me without any proof and I was innocent . Finally I won in court in all 3 hearings which they did against me and proved that I am innocent and good in english , I do not need to do any proxy test.

    My last IELTS score was 7.0 bands even , Well … after winning I never gone back to UK due to bitter experience, moreover MSC IT course was no longer avaialbel in my institution then I decided to stay in my country where are I am working and planned for canada.

    So, as I won in court and determination is in my favour, will it still be a problem when applying in canada , will I be inadmissible for PR application in future.

  5. Hi Sir

    I am planning to apply for canadian immigration under express entry.

    I am on a my ABC employer payroll and work for him on client sites.
    For example I am working in YZ bank as an IT Consultant and my employer is ABC.
    My paystubs are coming from ABC and they are running my payroll.

    Since when I approached to YZ bank they are not able to provide me reference letter as they feels I am not their direct employee.
    But ABC can provide me all the reference letter and employment letter to verify my job title and experience letter.

    So how can I deal with this situation so that the canada Immigration would not deny my case and I can file correctly.

    Ques 1) Should I write in my Resume my employer comapany i.e. ABC or my client company i.e YZ Bank ?

    Ques 2) Will the experince letter and pay-stub form ABC employer is appropraite and more than enough to prove my work experience ?

    • Gary,

      Many of the CIP followers are asking similar EE questions. I have decided to create a separate website focused exclusively on Express Entry. Make sure to subscribe to my mailing list located in the top right section of the website to be notified of its release.

  6. Hi there I applied for visit visa for my mother and it got declined! One of the reason was insufficient fund! Although I have about CDN $10,000 not all of them are on hand meaning only $3800 are in savings account and rest are in fix deposit account! I only wrote about $3800 in the form but I also included the Bank Statement about the rest! My question is can I write all of them in the available funds or do they all have to be in the savings account?

  7. Let me know what I can do as I have been rejected for my study permit at my first attempt.

    They have figured some points those are the reason for the refusal

    #Like I was not able to satisfy them about my leaving canada after my study and duration of visa.

    let me know how should approch for the second time.