Canadian Citizenship – Good News on the Horizon!

Interview with Chris Veeman, Canadian Immigration Lawyer

If you are a permanent resident of Canada considering on applying for Canadian citizenship, you are likely asking yourself….”why is it so dang hard to qualify?” Well… this Podcast is going to make your day just a little brighter! Chris Veeman, a well respected immigration lawyer based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, shares some great insight on Bill C-6 and the Liberal Government’s proposed changes to Canada’s Citizenship Act and how these changes are going to make a lot of international students, foreign workers, and permanent residents a whole lot happier about their chances of becoming Canadian citizens.


It was a pleasure to have Chris Veeman on the Podcast as a guest. Having had the opportunity to appear as a witness before the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration including recent changes to our Citizenship laws, Chris was the ideal choice to demystify what the Liberals have in store for us with Bill C-6: An Act to amend the Citizenship Act and to make consequential amendments to another Act.

If you are even considering applying for Canadian citizenship, you may just want to hold off until you have had a chance to hear what Chris has to say about the future of Canadian citizenship……this is a good news story.

UPDATE: It looks like the Liberals are hoping to get Bill  C-6 passed for a Canada Day celebration of Citizenship on July 1, 2016. However, it has to get through the Conservative dominated Senate first. See the following Hill Times article for more information:

Highlights of what the Liberals are proposing to change with Bill C-6:

  1. Repealing provisions in the Citizenship Act that allow for citizenship to be revoked on grounds that only apply to dual nationals.
  2. Eliminating the requirement that citizenship applicants must intend to continue to reside in Canada.
  3. Facilitating the pathway to citizenship for temporary residents by again allowing the time spent in Canada prior to becoming a permanent resident to count towards the physical presence requirement for citizenship.


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  1. Do you have any information on how foreign national spouse get into fraudulent marriages in Canada and how investigation and immigration law works????

    • Victor,

      I think you need to obtain legal counsel. Your immigration related issues run much deeper than those intended to be covered within the Canadian Immigration Podcast.

    • No sir…,for myself i’ve never been marriages in Canada just only 1 that is my wife in my country my wedding ceremony is last september 1999..,i am really confused about this issue,why we have this kind of issue for me?
      By the way sir thank so much for relevant information.

  2. Dear And Respected Sir,
    I am very gratefull to you.i used to work as a immigration consultant in pakistan,and a also prepared my own application for Canadian immigration and I got it. Now, i am planning to get admission in Diploma of Canadian Immigration.Please SIr help me and guide me
    Thanks a lot.

  3. Please ask about the inland spousal sponsorship backlog. At current Cic seems to have skipped to September 2025 applications which they basically did the same thing last year. Not sure if this is to game the numbers of app receiving Pr in a short time r what. For sure this is heart breaking for applicants waiting 1-3yrs. It’s one thing when the states wait time is 26 months but to not know if ur ganna wait that long r longer is nerve racking

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