The New Liberal Government’s Canadian Immigration Reforms

How proposed changes impact foreign workers and future immigrants!

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 6 of the Canadian Immigration Podcast. In this episode I will be discussing how the New Liberal Government’s Canadian Immigration Reforms impact the lives of temporary foreign workers and future immigrants in Canada.  


As many of you are aware, we now have a new government in Ottawa. This government has released an ambitious “New Plan for Canadian Immigration“. In this podcast I am going to be explaining how these proposed changes will impact the lives of Canadians, future immigrants and temporary foreign workers in Canada.

In this podcast, I will discuss each of the proposed changes in more detail.  These changes affect the following general areas of immigration:

  1. Refugees
  2. Foreign Visa Requirements
  3. Reunification of Families
  4. Citizenship
  5. Express Entry program
  6. Temporary Foreign Worker Program

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In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • What changes the Liberal government intends to make to immigration policy in Canada.
  • How these changes impact the various groups accessing the immigration system.
  • Links to the relevant government websites and helpful resources.
  • Projections as to what these changes could mean for the future of immigration.
  • Answers to listener questions in the following areas:
    • How families can immigrate to Canada.
    • Whether or not an LMIA can support a work permit and Express Entry
    • How to determine if your foreign work experience is skilled

Explore Additional Resources

In this episode we mentioned the following resources:

Canadian Immigration Institute

We just completed our very first Pilot Course on how to submit your Express Entry profile (Phase 1). It was a resounding success. We will be releasing within the next two weeks,  Phase 2 of our Express Entry Pilot Course which will cover how to file your permanent resident application after receiving an ITA.

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Canadian Immigration Podcast – Season 1 Episode 6

The New Liberal Government’s Immigration Reforms

How changes impact foreign workers and prospective immigrants?

We will make it easier for immigrants to build successful lives in Canada, and contribute to the economic success of all Canadians.”

“Immigration has always been an important part of Canada’s economic growth, but over the past decade, Stephen Harper has turned his back on welcoming those who want to contribute to our country’s success.”

  1. Refugees: “We will renew and expand our commitment to helping resettle more refugees, and deliver a refugee program that is safe, secure, and humane.”
    1. Settle 25,000 Syrian refugees by Jan 1
      1. Well underway
    2. Invest $250 million ($100 million this year) to increase refugee processing, sponsorship and settlement
    3. Restoration of Interim Federal Health Program
      1. Provided limited and temporary health benefits to refugee claimants
    4. Appoint individuals with appropriate subject-matter expertise to Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board.
    5. Establish an expert human rights panel to determine designated countries of origin, and provide a right to appeal refugee decisions for citizens from these countries
  2. Removed Visa Requirements from Mexican Citizens
    1. Phasing out visa requirements for other countries
  3. Emphasis on Family Reunification: “We will take immediate steps to reopen Canada’s doors, and will make reuniting families a top priority. “
    1. We will also nearly double the budget for processing family class sponsorship.
      1. Reducing wait times for spousal sponsorship and Parental sponsorship
    2. Double parent and grandparent entry applications to 10,000 a year
      1. Currently taking 8-10 years to process
      2. Remove conditional PR (currently 2 years live together)
    3. Increase age of dependency from 19 to 22
      1. Many children between 19 -22 are in school and still depend upon parents
    4. Citizenship:
      1. Repeal Controversial provisions in the Citizenship Act to strip citizenship from dual nationals
      2. Bill C-24 – created second class citizens and more difficult to become citizens
      3. Crediting individuals for residency time prior to PR as it did before
    5. Express Entry:
      1. will provide more opportunities for applicants who have Canadian siblings by giving additional points under the Express Entry system
      2. We will make changes to the Canadian Experience Class to reduce the barriers to immigration that have been imposed on international students.
    6. Temporary Foreign Worker Program:
      1. Removal of $1000 LMIA fee for caregivers of physically or mentally disabled family members
      2. Better regulate caregiver agencies
        1. We will also work with the provinces and territories to develop a system of regulated companies to hire caregivers on behalf of families. This will make it simpler for families to hire caregivers, and protect caregivers by allowing them to change employers in the case of bad relations or abuse.”

Listener Questions:

Question 1

From: Hasanova

Subject: Immigration to Canada

Message Body:

I live in Azerbaijan with my family and I am expressing a deep interest in migrating to Canada for a better life for my family.


Question 2

From: sagun

Subject: express entry and work permit

Message Body:


I would like to inquiry that if I have Job offer letter supported by LMIA by a company in supervisor post. Can I apply for Work Permit as well as FSW Express entry program together? Please reply me.

Sincerely yours



Question 3

From: aruna

Subject: canada immigration

Message Body:

Is experience in banking consider as skilled work experience?

See Blog: “Express Entry – The secret to finding your correct NOC!” wrote on September 28. Found on  website.


Report on Express Entry Pilot Course – Canadian Immigration Institute

  • Express Entry Pilot Course on submitting your profile was completed yesterday November 21st.
  • Fantastic group of people involved. It was a lot of fun.
  • Gained great insight into the areas that give people the most trouble.
  • I will use this wonderful insight in creating the full Express Entry course
  • Now that Phase 1 is done, I will be sending out an invitation to participate in Phase 2 of my pilot which will cover all aspects of filing your PR application after you receive an ITA.
  • Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.

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Because of the high number of questions I get, I am not always able to answer each person individually. I am really sorry for this. However, I will try to select the best questions that I get most frequently and podcast the answer as I have done in this episode. So please don’t hesitate to send your immigration related questions my way.

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6 thoughts on “The New Liberal Government’s Canadian Immigration Reforms

  1. Can you propose if we can sponsor our siblings than express entry and look for employer here in Canada? Same qualification as express entry to sponsor siblings. Its more not complicated in my small mind.

    • Unfortunately, you cannot sponsor your sibling through express entry. The Liberal government has proposed to give additional points to any applicant who already has a Canadian sibling living in Canada. I will let everyone know when this actually occurs.

  2. My work permit is food services counter attendant. Im working for 1 year and 2 months already. Is there any way that I can applying permanent rigth now?

    • I recommend that you attend the free live Express Entry webinar. Ultimately, you will need to be working in a skilled position, such as a Food Service Supervisor to qualify for Express Entry. However, some Provincial Nominee Programs (such as the AINP) do have employer driven categories for food counter attendants. I wish you luck!

  3. I am already in the pool from last November with a CRS 411. what do you think are my chances. I work as a tax Consultant and my NOC is 1111. Please provide me your valuable suggestions.

    • I think you should be getting closer. I am optomistic the CRS point threshold will drop that low this year; however with Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada nothing is certain.

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