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Why I now recommend professional business plan companies to my business immigration clients with Marianella Manzur of Joorney Business Plans

For the past 15 years, I have routinely requested that my business immigration clients provide business plans to support the various business class applications I seek on their behalf in Canada. I never gave a thought to recommending the services of a business plan writing company….that is until I learned how great an impact they can have on the approval of a business immigration application.

In this episode, I was joined by Marianella Manzur, Vice President at Joorney Business Plans who shared some great insight and opened my eyes to how outsourcing this essential component of a business immigration application can make all the difference in its success or failure.

Normally, I don’t invite 3rd party vendors to join me on my Podcast. I tend to invite other practitioners to talk about the nuts and bolts of various Canadian immigration applications. However, as I have been doing more and more business immigration application as the Canadian economy continues to rebound, the need for solid business plans has become increasingly important.

Traditionally, I have left the development of these business plans to my clients. However, I have come to realize that not all business plans are created equal. In fact, a company can put together a fantastic business plan that is extremely persuasive for securing much needed financing, but completely useless for the purposes of securing a business visa.

As a business immigration lawyer, it is essential that I am doing everything in my ability to give my client the best chance of success. As I have become increasingly aware of the significant impact a well written business plan can have on the success or failure of my client’s application, I would be borderline negligent not to introduce my clients to the possibility of outsourcing the business plan development to professionals.

Over the years I have danced around companies like Joorney Business Plans. However, it was not until recently that I truly discovered the broad scope of services they can offer to my clients… and that the costs of these services are entirely reasonable in the context of business immigration applications. In fact, they offer so much more than drafting a simple business plan.

Joorney Business Plans

Joorney is one of the leading Business Plan writing companies in the industry. They specialize in providing custom business plan writing services and market analysis. Since 2012, they have completed over 2,500 projects with expertise in 120+ industries, and they can handle communications in many different languages. They have successfully established 500 B2B partners throughout the USA and continue to grow in Canada.

With their breadth of experience across many different industries, Joorney is ideally situated to support our client’s in a variety of different areas including: consulting projects, strategic plans, investor approaches, market analysis and much more. The team at Joorney is flexible enough to adapts to the unique needs of our clients while provided extremely responsive service at competitive rates.

Joorney’s main focus is business plans for immigration. They specialize in business plans for Provincial Nominee Programs, Intra-company Transfers, Self Employed, and LMIAs. They hand all aspects of business plan development. They also provide market research for clients wanting to enter the Canadian market.

Joorney is offering a 10% discount to everyone who let’s them know they heard about them right here on the Canadian Immigration Podcast

After listening to what Marianella Manzur had to say about her company today, I can honestly say that they will become one of my go to companies for the development of business plans…..

…..tune in to this episode of the Canadian Immigration Podcast and you will understand why outsourcing the development of business plans to experts within the immigration field may be the best decision your client ever made.

In this episode we covered the following topics:

  1. Introduction of Joorney – Marianella Manzur and Joorney Business Plans
  2. Main Focus of Joorney:
    • Business Plans
    • Market Research
    • Feasibility Analysis
    • Financial Models
    • Idea Selection Process
  3. Client Process Flow
  4. Competitive Advantage

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