Employer Compliance Reviews – If employers are not scared, they should be!!

With Betsy Kane, Canadian immigration lawyer and certified specialist in Canadian immigration law

If you are an employer who is using the Temporary Foreign Worker Program in Canada you will not want to miss this episode of the Canadian Immigration Podcast. Whether you are a new employer looking to access the TFWP for the first time, or a long term benefactor of temporary foreign workers, you have got to listen to what immigration lawyer Betsy Kane has to say about the Foreign Worker Program and the dangers and pitfalls that exist as a result of the government’s Employer Compliance measures. Although focused on the Canadian employer, this episode can benefit anyone who is dealing with hiring foreign workers and the steps that need to be taken to protect your company in the event ESDC’s Integrity Service Branch Officers come a calling.

In this episode of the Canadian Immigration Podcast Senior Practitioner, Betsy Kane, joins us for a conversation on Employer Compliance and the Foreign Worker Program. Betsy has over 22 years of experience in immigration law, Betsy’s strengths lie in offering corporate immigration representation to employers and international employees. 

BetsyKaneI was in awe of the knowledge and information that Betsy revealed during our conversation on the Foreign Worker Program and the Employer Compliance Review (ECR) process. In this episode she shared some of the struggles her clients have had navigating the painful ECR process. Betsy took us through the inspection process in detail and provided us with amazing insight into the traps employers can fall into without even recognizing that it is happening.

Although I say this in the show notes of virtually every Podcast I release, Betsy really knocked this one out of the park. You are not going to get this level of insight and in depth analysis anywhere else. She completely pulled the curtain back on the crazy world of Employer Compliance in Canada and offered some amazing strategies for dealing with the awful process…when our clients get the dreaded call and followup letter from the Integrity Services Officer.

In my interview with Betsy, we cover the following areas:

  • Employer Compliance Review process
  • What it is like for an employer to go through an ECR
  • Strategies for navigating the process and tips for reducing risk
  • Essential documentation to be retained during the process
  • The pros and cons of voluntary disclosure of non-compliance
  • Amazing war stories that you will not want to miss

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Time Stamped Quick Reference Guide

In order to help you jump to the areas of most interest to you, I have included below some time stamps for some of the significant topics covered in this episode.

4:32 -Who is Betsy Kane

9:52 -How she got into immigration

13:37 -Why lawyers leave the profession

15:15- Background on the Canadian Employer Compliance Process

21:20- A fantastic war story about a Blacklisted Client

26:21- Flow of hiring

31:00- Why you need to maintain proper records

34:11- How does an Employer know when an ECR has been triggered

41:20- How immigration law has become aggressive

43:00- Tips for employers in navigating the process

46:00- Voluntary disclosure

58:30 – How to locate Betsy Kane –contact@capellekane.com

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You can read additional notes for this episode, [spoiler]

CIP S1 E22: Podcast Show Notes – Betsy Kane- Employer Compliance Review and Foreign Worker Program

Betsy Kane is a senior practitioner in the field of Canadian immigration law with a reputation for providing practical and strategic advice. With over 22 years of experience, Betsy’s strengths lie in offering corporate immigration representation to employers and international employees

In this episode of the Canadian immigration podcast we discussed the Foreign Worker Program and Employer Compliance Review and some of the struggles with the process. If you are an employer or representative the unique perspective that Betsy offers is extremely useful. Some of the specific areas covered include:

  • Employer Compliance Review process
  • What is it like for an employer to go through an ECR
  • Strategies for navigating the process and tips
  • Documentation to be kept during the process
  • Voluntary Disclosure


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