Temporary Foreign Worker Program Review – What does the future hold?

Insights from an interview with Russ Weninger, Canadian Immigration Lawyer

If you are an employer who is using the Temporary Foreign Worker Program in Canada, especially for low skilled workers, you will not want to miss this episode of the Canadian Immigration Podcast. The Liberal government under the direction of MaryAnn Mihychuk, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour, has undertaken a review of the TFWP.  Join us this week as Russ Weninger, Canadian Immigration Lawyer, who has a particular expertise working with low skill TFWs in Canada, was recently quoted in an article published by the Calgary Herald, “Easing of temporary foreign workers Welcomed by Alberta Businesses.” Although focused on low skill and low-wage TFWs, this episode can benefit anyone who is hiring or looking to hire from the TFWP.

In this episode of the Canadian Immigration Podcast Canadian Immigration Lawyer, Russ Weninger, joined me for a conversation on the low-wage temporary foreign worker program and the problems that it faces as the Liberals mull over its future. Russ shared with me some great insight  on the program and hinted at various changes that need to be made and how navigate the complexities of the system right now.   

RussWIt was easy to see how much Russ cares about the low skill foreign worker in Canada. He was extremely generous in sharing his knowledge and experience which will definitely benefit anyone accessing the low-wage stream within the TFWP. Russ also shared some of the struggles employers face with the 10% cap and why he feels the whole system is arbitrary and does not reflect actual labour needs.

It was a pleasure to chat with Russ. He has a real unique perspective on low skill TFWs and it definitely showed throughout the interview.

In my interview with Russ, we cover the following areas:

  • The LMIA process is like an impossible quest
  • 10% cap imposed on employers employing low-wage foreign workers
  • Challenges and abuses occuring within the TFWP
  • Pathways to permanent residence for foreign workers
  • The role of Immigration in Canada’s future


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Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia October 28 - The local construction industry has been flooded with foreign workers from neighboring countries especially Indonesia due to the reluctance of the locals to do the work.

Time Stamped Quick Reference Guide

In order to help you jump to the areas of most interest to you, I have included below some time stamps for some of the significant topics covered in this episode.

7:47 – Who is Russ Weninger

19:49 – How he got into immigration

21:15 – Overview of TFWP for low wage/skill workers

26:20 – Caps on low wage/skill workers

34:03 – Regardless of unemployment, some jobs stay open

38:09 – Path ways to permanent residence

31:00- Why you need to maintain proper records

41:30 – The practical side of immigration? 

47:10 – Greatest influence on Canadian Immigration Policy

50:41 – How to locate Russ Weninger – http://www.calgaryimmigrationlawyer.com/

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You can read additional notes for this episode, [spoiler]

CIP S1 E23: Podcast Show Notes – Russ Weninger- Temporary Foreign Worker Program Review – What does the future hold?

Russ Weninger is a Canadian Immigration Lawyer with an extensive knowledge for the low skill, low-wage TFWs and how to navigate the Immigration System. Russ’ enjoys volunteering for several organizations such as, The Calgary Legal Guidance, The Center for New Commerce, The Genesis Center, Law Day and the Kirby Center.  

In this episode of the Canadian immigration podcast we discussed the changes and issues within the low skill, low-wage workers and the temporary foreign worker program. Some of the specific areas covered include:

  • LMIA seems to be an impossible quest.
  • Cap on percentage of low-wage workers
  • Challenges and abuse incidences of those in the TFWP
  • Pathways to permanent residence
  • The purpose of Immigration


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3 thoughts on “Temporary Foreign Worker Program Review – What does the future hold?

  1. Russ does a lot of volunteer work with us, the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society under the TFW Program. He is awesome! A lot of our clients in the low skilled occupation get a lot of free guidance from him.

  2. Thanks, Mark! I always enjoy chatting with you about immigration. Your podcast is a wonderful forum for insights into Canadian immigration, and raises the bar on public legal education. Keep on doing what you’re doing!

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