Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications – When all seems lost!

A comprehensive look at H&Cs with Immigration Lawyer Jean Munn, Q.C.

If you are getting ready to file a Humanitarian and Compassionate application STOP! ……..DO NOT SUBMIT THE APPLICATION! Before you do … listen to what Immigration Lawyer Jean Munn shared with me in this fantastic episode of the Canadian Immigration Podcast. I had a ton of respect for Jean before our interview; however, after listening to the amazing insight and strategies Jean so openly shared with me, that respect has skyrocketed into the stratosphere.

If there is one episode you absolutely can not afford to miss, it is this one. Every lawyer, consultant, or foreign national will increase their chance of getting an H&C approved by listening and applying what Jean shared with me in this episode.



This was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have ever had interviewing a guest for the podcast. It just blows me away how much helpful information and useful content Jean provided. The information she shared would be easily classified as “trade secretinsights that lawyers just don’t share….yet she did….and so freely and openly. It is easy to see why Jean has been recognized in Alberta for her outstanding service to the profession and her community with the designation of Queen’s Counsel.

screen-shot-2016-12-10-at-11-08-51-amJean Munn practices immigration law with the law firm of Caron and Partners in Calgary, Alberta. She is fluent in Spanish. In fact, 50% of her case load comes from working with Spanish speaking clients. She is truly one of the leaders in our field and a wonderful advocate for disenfranchised foreign nationals who are on the verge of giving up hope that they will ever be able to realize their dream of remaining in Canada permanently.

Jean represents not only individuals, but a number of municipalities, corporations, non-profit agencies, boards, and community organizations. Jean has appeared before all levels of Court in Alberta and before the Federal Court of Canada, Federal court of Appeal, and the Immigration and Refugee Board. She is presently serving as a Member of the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

In this episode, Jean and I covered the following topics related to humanitarian and compassionate applications.

  1. Background information on H&C applications.
  2. Who is eligible and who is not eligible to apply – the typical scenario.
  3. What factors are taken into consideration and what factors cannot be considered.
  4. How to apply – including best practices.
  5. How to make the strongest application possible.
  6. Processing procedure.
  7. A ton of other tips and strategies essential for getting an H&C approved.

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