SPECIAL PNP SERIES: Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

Everything you wanted to know about the SINP with immigration lawyer Scott Bell

If you are a foreign national planning on immigrating to the Province of Saskatchewan or a human resource manager seeking a way to retain your key Saskatechawan based foreign workers… this Episode is for you.

Canadian immigration lawyer Scott Bell shares some amazing insight on the inner workings of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program from an employer perspective and also touches on some of the unique Provincial regulations that impact on an employer’s ability to recruit foreign workers to work in Saskatchewan.


The various PNPs across the country offer some very unique and focused opportunities for foreign nationals seeking to immigrate to Canada. In most cases these PNPs have very unique requirements that distinguish themselves from the other PNPs. When trying to understand the inner workings of the various PNPs, the best place to go is excellent immigration lawyers like Scott Bell who actually live and practice within the Province of that Provincial Nominee Program.

screen-shot-2016-12-10-at-1-16-37-pmIn this Episode of the Podcast, Scott shares some great insight on the program, its history, and some of the best programs available for foreign workers seeking to immigrate to the Province of Saskatchewan. The information he provides is extremely valuable in helping to demystify some of the more idiosyncratic aspects of the SINP.

By listening to what Scott has to say in this Podcast, you will most definitely avoid some of the significant pitfalls people commonly run into when apply to immigrate to Canada through the SINP. One thing is for certain…although the process seems easy and the government goes out of their way to tell everyone they do not need to hire an immigration lawyer, engaging someone like Scott to help you navigate the SINP is money well spent.

In our interview, Scott and I covered the following topics:

  1. background on Scott and how he got into immigration;
  2. background information on the SINP;
  3. programs ideally suited for companies wishing to retain key TFWs in Saskatchewan;
  4. the impact of the Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services Act in the hiring process;
  5. new attractive options for international students seeking immigration through the SINP;
  6. Scott’s list of common Do’s and Don’ts when filing a SINP application; and
  7. How Scott can be reached.



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You can read additional notes for this episode, [spoiler]

CIP S1 E17: Interview with Scott Bell – Show Notes

Welcome to Scott Bell and background information on his practice.

Q: How did you get into Immigration Law?

With the recent changes to Express Entry, many employers are turning once again to the various Provincial Nominee Programs across the country to assist in their efforts to retain foreign workers that are key employees.

I invited Scott Bell to join me today to talk about the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.

Before our call I went to the SINP website, but the site is actually down. There must be a lot of people interested in exploring the SINP as an option for immigration.

Q: Can you tell us a little about the program generally and why it might be a good place to start for employers looking for ways to retain key staff in the Province of Saskatchewan?

Q: I understand that the SINP requires all employers to register if they are bringing foreign workers into Saskatchewan.  Can you talk a little bit about this?

Answer: Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services Act? Outside employer without a base – difficult for new employers. Manitoba Act – LMIA exempt don’t need registration, in SINP there is a double exempt LMIA exempt

Q: What specific programs are available and likely the most beneficial for employers wanting to support their TFWs?

Q: I understand the Province is making a big push to attract international graduates from other Provinces. Can you tell us a little about this?

Q: Can you provide us with your Top 3 Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to seeking nominations through the SINP?

  • Employer Registration has to be done first – before recruitment
  • Going down the PR when not intend to live the SINP (economic establishment)
  • Undertaking to adhere to STS conditions – restricted labour mobility. – compliance.
  • Failure in compliance with Provincial Rule can save issues with Federal applications – affect outside of Province Federally as well.

Q: How can people reach you?


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