What’s new with Quebec Immigration

An update on the major changes to Quebec Immigration with Immigration Lawyer Genna Evelyn

Quebec has gone through some fairly significant changes to it’s immigration programs. If you want to know how these changes may impact on Quebec based work permits and immigration, you’ve come to the right place. Canadian Immigration Lawyer Genna Evelyn joined me to share some insight on some of the significant changes that have been launched and some fantastic employment opportunities that exist for foreign nationals destined for Quebec.

Genna Evelyn practices immigration law from the small border city of Saint-Georges de Beauce in Quebec. Originally from Ontario, she has practiced in numerous areas of law in both Ontario and New Brunswick since 2007 before joining the BB Immigration team in 2017.

Ms. Evelyn has a Bachelor’s of Law from the University of New Brunswick and a Masters of Law from Université Laval with a research focus on immigration law. She offers services in both her English and French and is a member of both the Barreau du Québec and the Law Society of Ontario.

In addition to practicing immigration law privately, Ms. Evelyn also runs an Immigration Legal Clinic in Saint-Georges which provides free consultations to immigrants and others living in the region looking for help with their immigration procedures.

In this episode Genna shared insight on the following Quebec immigration programs:

  1. Quebec Foreign Worker Program
  2. Quebec Skilled Worker Program
  3. Quebec Experience Program
  4. Entrepreneur / Investor Program

In this Episode, Genna also shared some great news that her region in Quebec is seriously hurting for workers. If you or someone you know is interested in a job opportunity in Quebec check out this website: https://www.labeauceembauche.com/

In this episode Genna shared some of the advantages that exist for spouse’s of foreign workers who wish to become the principal application in a PR application. I had asked her to confirm whether spouse’s of refugees (on Canadian open work permits) would be eligible for some of these programs. However, Genna later confirmed with me that it wouldn’t be possible for the spouse of a refugee applicant to use these new avenues because they only apply to open work permit holders under s. 205(c)(ii) which would only include spouses of foreign workers and students.

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